CB Wine Programs

Where are the products from?

Our wines are sourced from all over the world and not available in any stores in Ontario. We import all wines directly from the wineries ourselves. We take care of all details from the vineyard to your table in house. We taste upwards of 800 wines a year.

You will get an intimate look into a new producer every month and be able to sample wines that are not found in any store.

Where are the products from?

The meat is sourced from all over the world and freshly cut the morning of delivery to maintain optimal taste and freshness.

What are the benefits of buying from the CB Butcher Shop?

Not only do you have access to the most prime cuts of meat, we also have worked closely with The Butcher Shoppe to specially pair wines for each edition.

How do I sign up for CB Wine Program shipments?

All you need to do is click “Join the CB Wine Program” at the top of every page of the website to enter your details.

Can I purchase more of a wine that I really enjoyed?

In the write up provided with each monthly delivery, there are instructions on how to order more as well as the prices per bottle. We also have an online store where you can find all of our favourite wines from our favourite producers.

Who do I call if I have a problem while using the Charlie’s Burgers website?

You can reach out by email to our membership manager at membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca

How do I access my account online?

When you sign-up your account will be automatically created, all you need to do is sign in to check on your account.

I’ve lost my password, what now?

You can email our membership manager at membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca and you will be sent a system email to reset your password

Will my cart selections stay put if I leave the site and come back later?


I would like to give a subscription as a gift. How do I do that? What will the recipient receive?

Simply click the button “Gift a Membership” to input your details and gift a membership. The recipient will receive the specified amount of monthly deliveries as well as a write-up explaining the producer and wines included each month.

What will the sender receive?

Other than an extremely happy recipient, they have the option to add any messages or send a gifting letter to the recipient directly.

Why can’t I pick the type of wines contained in the packages?

The packages are created by us and the wine makers at the source. It is a mix of wines from each producer to showcase the very best of what they have to offer. We try to select the best possible make-up of wines to satisfy the tastes of our members based on feedback received and general wine trends.

Are shipping and taxes included?

The price per month for regular as well as gift memberships is $117 + HST. Gift membership are paid for up front and regular memberships are charged quarterly until you tell us to stop. Delivery fees are calculated based on location however the general rule is: Toronto deliveries are free, GTA deliveries outside the city center are $20/month and the remainder of Ontario is $30/month.

Is your website secure, can I feel safe sending through my credit card number and personal information?

Our payment software is encrypted for your security so you can feel safe knowing your personal data is secure and will not be shared.

I think something on the website is broken. Who should I contact about this?

For all inquiries you contact charlie@charliesburgers.ca or email our membership manager at membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca

Where do you deliver to?

Our wines are shipped anywhere inside the province of Ontario. Depending on location there may de delivery fees associated with your location. For the city of Toronto deliveries are free, for the GTA deliveries are $20/month and for the remainder of Ontario deliveries are $30/month.

When can I expect to receive my wine program package?

Every month, we will send you a delivery notification email outlining the delivery window for the month. Generally, deliveries happen at the beginning of the month and run for a little over a week. If you need to make special arrangements or need a time outside of the specified delivery window, you can respond directly to the delivery window email or reach out to our membership manager at membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca

Are there any restrictions on who can receive the shipment?

Right now, deliveries are limited to persons residing within the province of Ontario. However, orders can be placed worldwide provided the delivery address is in Ontario.

Can I have my wine delivered to different addresses?

Of course, just be sure to let our membership manager know when you need to change the location and they can make all the necessary updates (membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca)

What happens if my package arrives and some of the product is damaged or broken?

We will never leave any of our members without wine and will replace any damaged items with no questions asked. Any corked or flawed wines are also replaced immediately- no questions asked.

What happens if I get a bad or off bottle?

If you happen to receive a bottle that tastes off, it is likely that you received a corked bottle as this happens with about 8% of the bottles worldwide. Simply reach out to our membership manager (membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca) and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent out to swap with the bad bottle. We will never leave you with wine that doesn’t taste amazing!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my monthly package?

All monthly packages are specially curated by us and the wine makers at the source to showcase the very best of the producer. But we do have a CB Reserve Program featuring really hard to find wines and library vintages.

Does Charlie’s Burgers offer a guarantee?

We will never leave you without wine, no matter what happens to it! We know that unexpected things happen so you will never be on the hook for lost or broken wine on delivery. We will send a new package out right away to replace!

Do I need to sign up for a contract? Are there membership fees?

No to both. We have two types of membership for the CB Wine Program and both cost $117 per month + HST. With a gift membership, you pick the number of months you would like to gift and pay for all months up front. When the specified months are over you will not be charged again and the glorious wines stop coming. With our regular memberships, you are charged for 3 months up front and renewed every quarter (3 months). You can cancel any time, just send our membership manager an email (membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca) and they can get everything sorted out.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your CB Wine Program membership any time. You can reach out to our membership manager (membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca) and they will be able to sort everything out for you.

Is there anyone that I can speak to if I have additional questions or concerns?

You can email Charlie (charlie@charliesburgers.ca) or our membership manager (membershipmanager@charliesburgers.ca) for assistance Monday to Friday from 9-5)