CB Exclusive: Michelin Star Caviar & Perfect Pairings (GTA ONLY)

CB Exclusive: Michelin Star Caviar & Perfect Pairings (GTA ONLY)

Michelin Star Caviar & Perfect Pairings

The Wines
  • 2018 Pommard 1er "Clos Des Arvelets"- Domaine Virely Rougeot. A very fine and delicate Pommard 1er Cru from the steepest parcel of the appellation.
  • 2018 Meursault 1er Cru "Les Charmes" - Domaine Virely Rougeot. The parcel “Charmes” is recognised as one of the finest plots producing the Meursault appellation. Opulent and perfumed.
  • Brut Premier Cru, Frerejean Freres, Champagne. Official sponsor of the Michelin Guide, France. 5 years on lees. Elegant with expressive nose of dried fruit, honey and almonds, flavours of apples & pears, candied fruits and brioche. 16.5-Jancis Robinson

The Food
A 50gr caviar with all the accoutrements you need:
  •  A package of Blinis
  • A caviar key (to open the tin)
  • A mother of pearl caviar spoon, which you can use for soft boiled eggs after you finish the Caviar!
  • 50 gr: a perfect hors d’oeuvre for 4 guests.

More on the wines:

 For this edition of our CB exclusive feature, we are highlighting two quintessentially French vineyards and regions which are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: Burgundy and Champagne.

 By classifying the hillsides, houses and cellars of Champagne, UNESCO aimed to shine a light on the place where the method of making sparkling wines was developed. In Burgundy, it is the “climats” that are classified and celebrated. These unique vineyard parcels differ from one another and give a unique character to the wine, according to the nature of the soil, the sunshine, the exposure to the wind and of course the human element. The "Charmes" parcel is the largest 1er Cru in Meursault and produces mineral driven wines, with beautiful structure- This opulent and honeyed Meursault 1er Cru from Domaine VirelyRougeot is no exception. It is a very old wine making family of very talented winemakers. The Pommard 1er Cru “Clos des Arvelet” from the same Domaine is an elegant wine, it is all finesse and delicacy with very supple tannins.

 Onto to our house champagne: the effervescence of our 100% Chardonnay CB Champagne perfectly accompanies the texture of the caviar we are sending along with this package of terrific wines. Its citrus notes underline the salty side of the caviar, and the buttery notes bring a nice roundness in the mouth. The Meursault 1er cru also offers a very refined pairing. The acidity of the wine is a perfect balance to the salty/fattiness of the caviar, while its notes of hazelnut echo the nutty notes in the caviar.

 More on the Caviar:

 As for our very unique culinary accompaniment- Summer is here and what better time to enjoy these terrific wines with a most wonderful caviar. Majestic Caviar is sourced from one of the largest sturgeon farms and caviar exporters in the world. Their caviar is served in the finest restaurants, such as Chef Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin in New York, Chef Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in Napa Valley and Chef Alain Ducasse's restaurants in Monaco/Paris, as well as Chef Guy Savoy in Paris. In fact this Caviar is served in almost ALL 3-Michelin Star restaurants in Paris. It will not be out of place on your dock, condo balcony, or if you are like us, car cup holder this summer. The medium to large dark golden brown roe is perfectly firm in texture. It has creamy and buttery flavour. It is made by traditional Russian caviar processing techniques.

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