NYC Steakhouse Tribute Butcher Box

NYC Steakhouse Tribute Butcher Box

If you are anything like us, you’ve spent a good part of the last few months fantasizing about travel, and while “once this is all over” is starting to feel like “when I win the lottery”, it’s still nice to imagine what we will do when we can go out and enjoy the world. One of the places we have been missing the most is the greatest city in the world: New York. While the NY restaurant scene is one of the most diverse on the planet, its classic steakhouses are still some of the greatest meals out there, and in the spirit of celebrating things we can’t currently do, we’ve decided to make a butcher box that lets you recreate those amazing meals at home. We picked four of our favourite NY steakhouse dishes: Peter Luger, Keens (whose mutton chop is on the left), Delmonico, and Smith & Wollensky and we are shipping you the cuts that will let you make some tribute dishes at home!

The Meat:

  • 2 x 24 oz U.S. Prime Ribeye Steak. Inspired by the classic cut from Delmonico’s, these are two beautiful wet-aged prime cuts ready to be treated with simple care.
  • 1 x 38 oz Dry-Aged Porterhouse. Dry-aged for 30 days, this is a huge, deeply flavourful cut inspired by the Porterhouse at Peter Luger.
  • 1 x 16 oz Double Smoked Dry-Cured Bacon Slice. Another of the Peter Luger classics, they broil it, but we suggest grilling it to best appreciate how bacon can be an entrée and not just a breakfast side.
  • 1 x 24 oz Mutton Chop. The most exciting cut on the list, this is the cross-cut loin, tenderloin and belly of sheep, made famous in NY by Keen’s Steakhouse where it is their signature item.
  • 1 x 32oz Colorado Rib Steak. This is another massive steak ready to be grilled or broiled, perfect for sharing.
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Details and Price:

6 pieces of meat individually vacuum packed.
For: $295.95 (no tax!) including free delivery in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Restaurants and Recipes

  • "The Delmonico" is more a myth than a meal: it's a phrase referring to a way of serving steak that has been around since the 1800's, when the steakhouse would give that name to whatever their top cut of the night was. These days, if you visit Delmonico's and ask for one you'll get a thick-cut piece of ribeye, cooked under a broiler and dressed with salt, beef fat and butter. And it doesn't get much better than that. If you want to be faithful to the original, let the steaks come to room temperature, salt them generously, set your broiler to high and set a rack 3 inches under it. You'll want to flip after 5-6 minutes a side, then let the steak rest for ten minutes while you baste it with butter and/or rendered beef fat. That being said, a screaming hot grill works just as well!
  • The Porterhouse at Peter Luger is another one of the most famous cuts in New York. As opposed to Delmonico's, this is always dry aged to give it deep umami flavour and richness. The technique at Peter Luger is pretty much the same as above: the steak is cooked under a broiler (although we definitely recommend a grill for this cut unless you are very confident with your broiler technique, in which case, we'd suggest a 4 inch space and 6 minutes per side). They key difference with the finish for the Peter Luger steak is that it rests on a plate coated in butter!
  • Double Smoked Dry-Cured Bacon Slice (below left). If you've ever been to Peter Luger with a regular of the steakhouse, they likely convinced you to order this. And yes, it's just broiled bacon on a plate. But what bacon! The genius of this dish is reconfiguring your expectations of bacon from fun crisp-fatty side dish to main course seriousness. Like the Porterhouse we suggest cooking this cut on a grill and serving it as is, although it makes a great side to a Caesar salad as well.
  • Keen's Mutton Chop. This is a cut that should be more famous. It's got such a varied taste and texture, and real meaty depth to it. We highly recommend the broiler for this, although a BBQ will work as well. Your best bet is to season liberally with salt, and broil in a cast iron skillet for 4 minutes a side, and then finish in a 425 degree oven for 25-30 minutes or until the internal temperature is 125. Beautiful with brussel sprouts or other bitter greens.
  • Smith and Wollensky Colorado Rib Steak (above right). This steak is a bit of an exception, because the original is all about the spice rub and less about cooking technique. If you really want to recreate the Smith and Wollensky experience we recommend you google their Cajun rub, coat the steak with your homemade version, and then cook in a caste iron skillet while basting with butter before finishing in a 350 degree oven, giving it a nearly black coating. We also encourage you to try this with any spice blend you come up with! The secret is going over the top with the spices like they do, and totally coating the meat!

$295.95 (no tax!) including free delivery in the GTA and surrounding areas.

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