Canada Day Butcher Box

Canada Day Butcher Box

Happy Canada Day! While we have used these butcher boxes as an opportunity to celebrate some incredible cuts of meat from around the world, we wanted to take Canada Day as an opportunity to remind everyone that some of the best meat in the world comes from right here! We’ve assembled a best of the best, coming mostly from the Beef Capital of Canada, Alberta, with one excellent Flat Iron coming from nearby Guelph. All of these are top quality meats perfect for celebratory meals in honour of our country, being able to see friends again, or just the weekend!

The Meat:

1 x 30 oz Dry Aged Prime T-Bone Steak. This giant t-bone comes from Longview, AB, and is perfect for cooking outdoors over a grill. Aim for medium rare and serve simply, its dry-aging has given it incredible depth of flavour.

2 x 16 oz Dry-Aged Prime Bone-in Striploin. Also from Longview, this bone-in version of the striploin has a lot more flavour and is better suited to grilling than the boneless version, but would also sing finished with butter in a cast iron pan.

1 x 20 oz Dry-Aged Prime Bone-in Rib Steak. From Black Diamond, AB, this rib steak is also bone in, and boasts a deep, smoky flavour and incredible marbling from its diet of Alberta-grown grains

1 x 20 oz Flat Iron Steak. From Guelph, ON, this beef was raised on a mix of grass, corn and grain and has a clean flavour that is especially attractive in the flat-iron, a perfect cut for sandwiches, steak and eggs or steak salads.

2 x 14 oz Tomahawk Bone-in Pork chop. From Duroc pigs in Longview, AB, these are increidbly flavourful porkchops just begging to be served with some grilled Niagara peaches!

Details and Price:

All 7 pieces of meat in this box are individually vacuum packed.

$249.95 (no tax!) including free delivery in the GTA and surrounding areas.

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